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Changes to Student Email Policy

Post Date:06/08/2018 9:47 am

 Check your student email. As of summer 2018, all email communication will be sent through WCC student email. Click to learn more.

Effective summer 2018, all email communication with students will be by WCC student email. From the point of application, WCC students will be required to use a WCC designated email address provided by the College for the duration of their enrollment at WCC. Students will be required to use their WCC designated email address for all college correspondence and business. The WCC email address will be the default, and students will not be able to change their email addresses. Students can choose to auto-forward their email to another provider.

Why the change?

Approximately 20% of all college emails sent to students at addresses not provided by WCC are being blocked by the provider, tagged as spam, are not being delivered due to incorrect email addresses, or the mailbox is full. This prohibits important college information from reaching students, including drop for non-payment notices, assignments, financial aid information, student conduct information, and emergency notifications. WCC has significantly more control over the delivery of emails, which will greatly improve the receipt of emails by students. This change also helps to identify and authenticate emails the College receives, including (but not limited to) the College’s network logon. This change will help the College verify official correspondence with students and supports FERPA requirements by not divulging personal information to anyone other than the registered student.

When does this change take affect?

This change will take effect during summer quarter 2018. The change will then be updated before the start of fall quarter 2018. Students will also be receiving similar communication and support regarding this change to WCC Student email.

What happens to a student’s personal email after they submit their admission application?

When a student applies, the completed application prompts the IT department to record the student’s personal email address for database storage, then change the email address in the state student management system (SMS) to the address ( provided by WCC. The addresses in SMS integrate with Instructor Briefcase, Canvas, and other systems which contain student email addresses as the College’s official method of correspondence to all students. The College will remove the option for applied and registered students to change this address, but keep the option available for those who are no longer attending WCC.

What happens when contact is initiated by the student from their personal email account?

Faculty and staff will first reply to the personal email account indicating the response was sent to their, and then forward the email to the student’s Suggested language for the email to a student’s personal email:

“Thank you for your email.  WCC’s official form of communication is with your designated WCC student email. Please log in to your email here (MyWCC).  I will send your reply to your WCC email.”

In addition to a timely and exciting marketing and communication campaign that will roll out this summer and fall for WCC student email, to support the transition to WCC email accounts, it is suggested that all staff and faculty include the following in their email signature block: “WCC communicates with students via email with the designated WCC student email. Click here (MyWCC) to log into your email account.

How do faculty and staff find a student’s email?

The process for locating students’ email will not change. Faculty and staff can locate student’s email addresses through Advisor Data Portal (ADP), Maxient, Starfish, Instructor Briefcase, Canvas, or any other system maintained by SBCTC or WCC.

How can students check this email?

Students can log on to and use the link to their email on the main page. Student accounts show a preview of recent emails and current Canvas assignments. Students also have the option of setting up this email account on their personal smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Can students install this email account on their phone?

Yes. Students will be given instructions and guidance on and via an email sent to both their personal and account.

Can students forward college emails to their personal email accounts?

Yes. Students have the option and are offered guidance to forward emails from to their personal addresses if they choose.

Where do students go for help?

Students can access the Student Helpdesk for any technical issues they have with WCC computer software and hardware. The Student Helpdesk is located on the first floor of Heiner in the Student Access Labs; they are also available to students via email at, phone at 360.383.3410 or 1.855.767.9003, and Facebook, Monday through Friday, 8am to 7pm. 

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