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Browne, Susan Colleen

Susan Browne
  • Departments:Community & Continuing Education Instructor

A professional writer since 1995, Susan has been a WCC Community and Continuing Education instructor for over 17 years, bringing her experience as a novelist, freelance writer and manuscript editor to her WCC classes and workshops. Her publishing credits include The Seattle Times and Countryside Magazine, as well as nine published books, including the award-winning memoir, Little Farm in the Foothills: A Boomer Couple’s Search for the Slow Life. Her latest books include a novel set in Ireland, The Galway Girls, and her new backyard farming book, Little Farm Homegrown: A Memoir of Food-Growing, Midlife and Self-Reliance on a Small Homestead.

Susan Colleen Browne holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Huxley College of the Environment, and is a longtime member of Whatcom Writers and Publishers.

A “modern homesteader” for more than twelve years, Susan runs a mini-farm with her husband John in Eastern Whatcom County. She enjoys cycling around her Foothills neighborhood, and watching the wildlife around their acreage!

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