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Canyon, Nancy Lou

Nancy Canyon bio photo
  • Departments:Community & Continuing Education Instructor

Nancy Canyon loves to encourage people to tell stories. She is good at encouraging people to write and listening with non-judgment. She learned that not judging creative work freed the writer's voice. When she studied with Natalie Goldberg in Taos, New Mexico, her life changed. She committed herself to freeing her writing voice and helping others free their voices as well. Since then, she has written three novels and is completing a memoir about the two summers she worked as a fire lookout attendant in the Clearwater National Forest in the 70s. She also has a book of artist prompts and paintings scheduled to come out the first of next year.

Nancy holds the MFA in Creative Writing from Pacific Lutheran University and a Certificate in Fiction Writing from University of Washington. She is a member of Allied Arts of Whatcom County and Fairhaven Merchant Association. She is also a fine artist who has been painting since she was a child. She keeps an art studio in Historic Fairhaven in the Morgan Block Building where she works and holds open studio monthly.

Nancy enjoys kayaking, hiking, paddle-boarding, and x-country skiing. She is the grandmother of two grandsons, six and ten, who paint with her in the studio weekly. She has a Tuxedo cat named Sid who leaves gifts for her in his food bowl: hair clips, feathers, and socks, and Olive, a part Shar-Pei who swims for tennis balls in the lake and races after stick in the park. Nancy also enjoys sharing a creative artist life with her painter husband, Ron Pattern.

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