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Griffith-Hedberg, Karen

Karen Griffith-Hedberg
  • Departments:Community & Continuing Education Instructor

Karen Griffith-Hedberg moved with her husband from Eugene, OR to Ferndale, WA in 2011.  She is a retired research associate in molecular biology from the University of Oregon who for the last five years has worked on expanding her knowledge of gemology and indulging in a part-time hobby of buying and selling vintage jewelry.  She periodically splurges and takes intensive short courses in gemology subjects from the Gemstone Institute of America (most recently the GIA’s Colored Stone Grading Lab).  She maintains membership in the International Gemstone Society and enjoys reading about recent developments in gemology.

A self-described klutz who never learned to knit, Karen relaxes by making simple beaded gemstone jewelry (you may see her at local craft fairs around the holidays), gardening, and planning backpacking vacations with her husband.

The last four years she taught a once-a-term introductory gemstone identification workshop, and a vintage jewelry class, at Lane Community College in Eugene. On moving north, Karen found she missed the fun of interacting with students and seeing the interesting treasures they brought to class. The Wise Buyer’s Guide to Flea Market Jewelry workshop at WCC is the class she now teaches.

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