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Jackson, Ana Cecilia Dominguez

  • Departments:Community & Continuing Education Instructor

I'm passionate about cooking and sharing with others my love for food and the rewards of a great tasting, freshly made Mexican dish. I am always trying to express the kindness and warmth of my country plus the joy and family traditions on my plates to your palates.

Since a very early age, I discovered the taste for cooking, so when the time came to choose a path, my first option was culinary arts (gastronomy) and Hotel Industry that I studied in my home town Mexicali, Mexico. This opened a lot of opportunities to me. But my real tutors in the kitchen were my Grandmother and my beloved Aunt Estelita.

After a visit in 2005, I fall in love with this area; in 2006 a job opportunity for my husband brought us to Whatcom County. We established here with our 3 boys, (one in college, one in Middle School and the youngest starting Elementary this year) and have grown with the community, first at the Blaine school, now participating actively with the Cub and Boy Scouts and community events. Lately, I have added a new step in my active life and found a new interest in Real Estate, which has helped me grow deeper roots in this community by helping others find a house that will be transformed into a home.

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