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Ryan, Jean

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  • Departments:Community & Continuing Education Instructor

Dr. Jean Ryan's diverse background includes buying chocolate for Macy's Northeast and working as a catering chef in New York City (dinner for 1000 was very common). As a naturopathic physician, she understands just how important the food we eat is to our overall health. Gluten-free and happy to share her extensive knowledge of recipe conversion, Dr. Ryan is a creative and healthy chef. Dr. Ryan holds an AAS in Hotel Restaurant Management, a BA in Economics, and an ND, Naturopathic Doctorate. She is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and a Women's Professional Network Facilitator for Raising our Celiac Kids in Bellingham.

When Dr. Ryan graduated from Naturopathic Medical School, she was unaware of the vast sea change coming in patient communication. Almost 15 years later, she's seen it all, gotten beta invites for most and happily teaches other small business owners how to keep the conversation going with their clients using her Half Hour Social Media system

Multi faceted is the only way to describe Dr. Jean Ryan's education. An Associate in Applied Science- Hotel Restaurant Management lead off, with a Bachelors in Economics not too far behind, then a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine rounded out the conventional schooling. Dr. Jean then dove head first into the world of online learning and MOOCs.

Mom of twins, avid gardener, Urban chicken wrangler, dog walker, cat minder, knitting up a storm whenever she isn't creating gluten free magic in the kitchen.

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