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Meader, Gary

Gary Meader
  • Departments:Community & Continuing Education Instructor

Teaching is a good outlet for Gary because he feels a need to help people learn the art of photography.  For him, images play a very important role in our modern lives and the need to create good ones is just as important. Gary's work has been featured on local news broadcasts and local showings and as technology changes, his vision of the world is actively maturing and changing as well. 

I attended the Univ. of Nevada at Las Vegas and assisted the photography director in his darkroom classes.  When I relocated to Bellingham, I ran a B&W photo lab, worked to print historical images for the Whatcom Museum of History and Art, and now teach at WCC.  I've attended workshops with some of the most well-respected and talented shooters and printers in the country.  I still attend the occasional workshop and seminar.  The switch to digital was an unexpected event, but it has helped train my eye for color, as I had worked previously in black and white exclusively.           

Gary met his wife through photography and speak the same language, so to speak. They love to travel especially as they don't mind stopping to let the other take a photo!

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