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Olberg, Debra

Debra Olberg
  • Departments:Community & Continuing Education Instructor

Debra Olberg finds teaching to be a wonderful experience and a great tool to test one's own knowledge. It challenges the individual to improve upon what is already known and to search into new areas. Being able to share what she knows with a room full of people who want to be there makes Debra smile. Her strengths as an instructor include enthusiasm, organizational skills, practical experience, a down-to-earth attitude, and a willingness to share with others. Debra has spent 23 years in the retail nursery/landscape industry as a certified horticulture technician. She is currently owner of Secret Garden Designs, a landscape design and consulting business specializing in one-on-one consultations with homeowners to solve their garden problems.

Debra's leisure interests include teaching, "puttering around in the yard making messes and hoping the garden fairy will clean them up (never happens though)," and playing with her two live-wire dogs, Violet and Sky. She also enjoys visiting her parents (very special people), reading horticulture books, going to movies, and watching TV programs on interior, exterior, and garden design.

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