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Salzman, Ken

Ken Salzman
  • Departments:Community & Continuing Education Instructor

Ken believes that learning is a life-long experience and learning new and exciting things can be a truly enjoyable experience for people of all ages. He has taught birding classes for the Sacramento and North Cascades Audubon Societies as well as bird photography classes for NCAS. Ken especially enjoys teaching birding and photography where he can give students a hands-on experience. Professionally, he has taught numerous workshops in both the community and to professional groups and has served as an adjunct professor in human services at Western Washington University.

I hold a BS in psychology, an MSW and a doctorate in education. In my professional life I have served on the Licenscing Board for the State of Idaho, the board of the National Association of Social Workers, Idaho, and national committees for the Association of Social Workers.

Ken's passions are birding and photography with an emphasis on bird photography. He also enjoys woodworking and woodturning and working in the garden with his wife, Stephanie.

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