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DiNovi, Brandon

  • Departments:Community & Continuing Education Instructor

Brandon DiNovi is a performance consultant, physician, speaker and author who has been in the personal performance industry for over two decades. Over this time Dr. DiNovi has worked with people from all walks of life, from professional athletes, business executives to low income families. Helping each one of them attain a higher level of life.

What makes Dr. DiNovi different?

What makes Dr. DiNovi different is his ability to help people unlock their potential. He does this with a direct no holds barred approach in identifying specific areas of a person’s life, which are holding them back from expressing their true potential.

How does Dr. DiNovi do this?

Dr. DiNovi is fueled by two foundational beliefs. First, Dr. DiNovi believes everyone is designed at birth to be healthy, happy and successful and he has made it his life’s work helping people find their individual key needed to unlock these properties.

Second, Dr. DiNovi believes everyone is only one degree away from greatness. This is achieved by learning techniques which are necessary to make subtle changes in a persons life. Over time these subtle changes become compounded which results in a person being able to live a legendary life.

These two foundational properties are what drive his passion for helping others unlock their potential. Dr. DiNovi has a special ability to connect with people and help them learn how to implement these changes, which can increase the quality of their life.

Dr. DiNovi received a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Wellness from Bastyr University. He later completed a second bachelor’s degree in Biology and his Doctoral degree from Logan University. In addition, he received a Clinical Proficiency Certificate for completion of 2 years of clinical education and practice including ancillary physical therapeutics and structural radiographic technique and analysis. In addition, Dr. DiNovi obtained a Certificate of Attainment from the NBCE for successful completion of Parts I, II, III, IV and the Physiotherapy Examination of the National Board Examinations.

In their leisure time Dr. DiNovi and his wife Annika enjoy staying active. This includes weightlifting, running and traveling. In addition to their activities they are also avid Seahawks and UFC fans.

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