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Lee, Brian

  • Departments:Community & Continuing Education Instructor

Brian Lee, Researcher and Enthusiast of things Parapsychological, Cryptozoological & Extraterrestrial, Internet Talk Radio Show Host, Ordained Minister, Voice & Acting talent, Investigator with W.A.R.N. {the Washington Abnormal Research Network}, Father, Husband, & Friend.

A Love of Teaching and Learning, Obsession with the Unknown especially. Lifelong fascination with the mysteries of our world and the other worlds beyond. Brian tends to shy away from the label of "Expert" in the Mysterious & Unknown. If anyone ever knew all there was to know about this, then it wouldn't be that, or that. He podcasts, camps, collects comic books and action figurines, has been marriaged for 16 years, and is a father of a "three-naged" 3 year old daughter, real life job as an electronics assembler, but his surreal life job keeps most of the rest of him going.

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