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Scott, Betty

Betty Scott Instructor Photo
  • Departments:Community & Continuing Education Instructor

Betty Scott has extensive experience as a writer, editor, and college instructor. Her poems and essays have won regional awards, and she has been a presenter at the Chuckanut Writers Conference.

She loves encouraging creative expression in people of all ages, offering strategies of support to each person's unique creative process. To find one's voice takes time and practice. For Betty, that means listening closely to words and discovering how well they perform for us, providing sights, sounds, taste, touch and smells, as well as historical, literal and metaphorical underpinnings in time and place.

Betty encourages journeys beyond experiential limitations. Before arriving at new insights, writers may travel by horseback, race car, or quiet meditations. Yet to communicate with others, when writers hold themselves steadfast through moments of inspiration, frustration, and confusion, readers will be moved and may even find beauty within their creations.

Through her collaboration with professional guitarist and singer J.P. Falcon Grady, Betty challenges her shy self to explore writings of witness and social justice, adapted to music.

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