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Nahani, Jay S.

Jay S. Nahani Instructor bio photo
  • Departments:Community & Continuing Education Instructor

After training as a social worker, Jay realized that her main passion was hearing people's stories. Deciding on a creative path, she became a writer and a wordsmith for others, helping people to get in touch with their deepest truths. Jay appreciates witnessing the spark ignited for individuals and communities in a class setting. She welcomes all levels of writers and values holding safe space to guide people in accessing their innate wisdom.

Jay's most recent training in Vancouver, BC focused on dance movement therapy and the expressive arts as tools for healing and transformation. She holds a masters degree in social work with a focus on school settings. While getting a BA in Latin American Studies with a focus on women's issues at Brown University, she petitioned to submit a video project/documentary rather than a written thesis, in order to shed light and bring to life perspectives of Latin American immigrants to New England.

Jay enjoys spending time in Nature, especially in the sea or on forest trails. A native of Florida and a long time Californian, Jay appreciates sunshine, loves sharing tea and time with family and friends, and enjoys making up silly songs with her two children.

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