WCC is a place of opportunity, outstanding achievement and sometimes second chances, often in the face of enormous odds. With a devoted faculty and staff committed to students’ success, Whatcom offers an experience unparalleled at comparable educational institutions. 

The goal of the Whatcom Community College Foundation is to ensure access to higher education for students from all backgrounds, and to promote academic innovation and excellence on our campus. Thanks to our generous donors, more students are discovering and achieving their dreams at Whatcom.  

chucks ride banner 2017

Chuck rides again! On September 1, 2017, Chuck Robinson will hop on his bike in Mandan, North Dakota where he will begin his journey to promote the "greater good". He plans to ride 2,000 miles in 42 days ending on October 12 in Bar Harbor, Maine. He will match every donation dollar for dollar up to $2,000 (a dollar a mile) to the WCC Foundation because he believes in the power of education.  Support Chuck's Big Ride or click here to read more about Chucks Big Ride redux 2017 and sign up for the blog.


The Community Food Co-op selected the Orca Food Pantry as a SEEDS: Community Shopping Days program recipient!  Every year the Co-op Member Affairs Committee and Board of Directors select twelve community organizations to participate in the SEEDS program.  

SEED program recipients receive 2% of the Co-op's total sales on their designated Community Shopping Day and all register donations made during the month. Shoppers also have the option of rounding up their purchase to make an additional gift to the College.  Thank you to all who shopped at the Co-op on Saturday, September 16 to support Whatcom's Orca Food Pantry!  You helped us raise nearly $1,800 in support of the food pantry.

Questions?  Email foundation@whatcom.edu or call us at (360) 383-3320.