WCC is a place of opportunity, outstanding achievement and sometimes second chances, often in the face of enormous odds. With a devoted faculty and staff committed to students’ success, Whatcom offers an experience unparalleled at comparable educational institutions. 

The goal of the Whatcom Community College Foundation is to ensure access to higher education for students from all backgrounds, and to promote academic innovation and excellence on our campus. Thanks to our generous donors, more students are discovering and achieving their dreams at Whatcom.  

Orca Student Success Fund logo

We're pleased to introduce the new Orca Student Success Fund - it provides small, just-in-time micro grants to support students who persist, despite financial challenges. Gifts to this fund are a vote of confidence to a hardworking student who has exhausted other options. An average award is about $200 - $500. With a simple application from the student, our Financial Aid staff quickly turns requests for emergency help around. It keeps students moving forward.

Students often drop out when they can't pay unexpected smaller obligations such as:

  • Tuition and lab fees
  • Textbooks and required program supplies
  • GED and other testing fees
  • Emergency childcare expenses
  • Unexpected transportation repairs
  • Running short on food
  • Larger than normal utility bills
  • Medical and dental expenses

Your gift in any amount is the bridge leading to a life of opportunities. Help Whatcom students stay on track to graduate. Let them know community values their persistence.

Questions?  Email foundation@whatcom.edu or call us at (360) 383-3320.