In the wake of deep cuts in state funding, contributions have become essential to the survival of key College programs and services.  State dollars now make up less than half of Whatcom's operating budget. To foster academic achievement and innovation, additional sources of funding are necessary.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, in the 2014-15 academic year the Annual Fund for Excellence provided more than $200,000 to support important campus resources such as tutoring, veterans services, diversity initiatives, classroom and lab equipment, textbooks, and more.

Please consider a donation to help us provide students with the programs and services that help them stay in school and build a better future for themselves, their families, and our community.


Annual Fund for Excellence 2014-15 highlights

sim baby with students

Health Professions Education Center Simulation Lab

The Foundation secured funding to purchase an additional infant simulation manikin for nursing students to train in infant intubation and other pediatric medical procedures.  The SIMbaby may also provide pediatric training resources for community partners.


Learning Center

Advisor with student

"The generosity of WCC's Foundation has been instrumental to helping piece together the financial support necessary to maintain tutoring services commensurate with demand." - Jason Babcock, Learning Center Director

A Foundation grant provided 290 hours of tutoring to Whatcom students.  Tutoring benefits both the student who is seeking help with subject matter as well as the students who work as tutors.

"I practically lived in the Math Center - without those tutors I never would have finished my degree."-Janet, pursing her associate's degree 


Intercultural Center

turban awareness day

Your contributions supported first generation students, and students of color, through intercultural initiatives including the Latino Leadership Project.  Funds also supported diversity training on campus and attendance at the 2015 Students of Color Conference for students, faculty and staff.

"The Foundation provides important financial resources to College programs such as the Intercultural Center where our diverse student population finds resources and a safe place to connect with others in a culture of inclusion and respect."  -WCC President Kathi Hiyane-Brown

Financial Aid Book Fund

The Foundation helped 43 students get the textbooks they need to attend classes, complete coursework and persist in their education.  For most of these students, this fund is their only option for help with textbooks.


Veterans Services

Whatcom is among the top 15 percent of colleges nationwide that do the most to ensure the success of military service members, veterans and spouses (GI Jobs magazine).  The Annual Fund For Excellence supports the Whatcom Veterans Affairs office which is staffed by vets and wins high marks from students who say staff members' dedication and familiarity with the GI Bill® is what convinces then to enroll and stay in school.  Services provided include academic advising, a lab, Veterans Club, and community referrals.

"As a veteran, it was hard transitioning into the civilian life, let alone going back to school. The Veterans Office at WCC helped me find all the right support services and got me enrolled in school. They went out of their way to accommodate me. Not just me, but all veterans here at WCC." -Travis, USMC Iraq Veteran