Marketing & Editing Consultations

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Marketing Consultations with Alice Acheson

Alice Acheson









Accept the fact. Whichever publishing venue is chosen, writers have always needed to market their work to (perhaps) agents and publishers and certainly to booksellers and the public. What and how do you do it all, while managing your time, energy and money?

Alice B. Acheson will be offering one-on-one, 15-minute marketing consultations. Come prepared to ask your questions and bring your own suggestions to find out the most practical, efficient, least expensive (time and money), and/or best for the genre and leave with handouts for future guidance. You might ask:

● what marketing is necessary before a publisher sees the manuscript,

● what you can do on your own and what you should do,

● how to spend time wisely without jeopardizing the next book,

● what to tell agents and publishers asking for the built-in audience,

● how to encourage your publisher to market your book, not just print it and forget it, and

● what are ARCs/BLADs/F&Gs -- and are they important?


Editing Consultations with Andrea Hurst 

Andrea Hurst










Publishing consultant, developmental editor, Amazon bestselling author, and literary agent Andrea Hurst offers insight and direction on your book-publishing journey.

Conference participants can book a 15-minute private editorial and publishing consultation with Andrea. The following options are available:

• Read/Evaluate first pages of your manuscript

• Query letter review

• Assist with verbal agent/editor pitch

• Book proposal assistance (nonfiction and fiction)

• Novel development – plot, structure, voice, etc.

• Book publishing options – Indie and Traditional