WCC Community & Continuing Education’s Kids’ College and Teen Classes offer quality educational experiences designed to encourage creativity, develop skills, and instill a love of learning for all students. In order for everyone to have a productive and safe experience, we ask that you review these tips for success prior to you first day.

  • Come to your first day of class 15 minutes early to find your room, check in, and meet your classmates!
  • Come to the first day of class with any required supplies or materials fees. These will be noted on your registration confirmation. 
  • Strive to be respectful of your classmates, instructors, and WCC staff.
  • Ask for assistance when you need it. We're here to help!
  • Only use electronics when permitted. 
  • Bring your curiosity and prepare to have fun!


  • How do I register my child for a class?
  • Why is there an age requirement?
  • What forms do I need to complete?
  • How can I request accommodations due to a disability for my child?
  • Does Community & Continuing Education offer scholarships for classes?
  • Where do I pick up and drop off my child?
  • What is your food/drink policy?
  • Do you provide a supervised lunch period between classes?
  • Is there a lost and found?
  • What is your cancellation and refund policy?
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