Career & salary outlook

Business occupations are varied and have a wide range of starting wages depending on the industry, level of responsibility, previous experience and longevity and capability of the employee. For example, starting wages in Whatcom county for wholesale and manufacturing sales positions may range from $13.73 to $16.63 per hour; whereas starting wages for supervisor/manager positions may range from $18.59 to $24.71 per hour.*

Source: Career OneStop 2017

Career Pathways: A visual roadmap to help you reach your career goals.

Local employers of recent program graduates include:

  • Auntie Anne's Pretzels
  • Icy Straight Seafoods Inc.
  • LFS Marine & Outdoor
  • Oostra Rouw & Associates Inc.
  • Seafood Producers Cooperative
  • SPIE
  • Zodiac Aerospace