Credits earned at other colleges have historically transferred into Whatcom as noted below. Always check with a Whatcom academic advisor to confirm your credit will transfer. A grade of C or better must be earned for credit to be applied toward Whatcom’s CIS or cybersecurity degree. If a course from the transfer college has fewer credits than the Whatcom equivalent, the credit difference must be met through other courses successfully completed.

If your college is not listed, contact Tyler Ciokiewicz, recruitment and retention specialist, for transferability.

Bellingham Technical College
Everett Community College


Bellingham Technical College  Whatcom Community College
 IT 112 PC Hardware A+  CIS 206 Computer Support I
 IT 141 Operating Systems A+  CIS 105 Computer Operating Systems I
 IT 160 Networking Technologies1  CIS 226 Cisco Networking I
 IT 210 Network Security Fundamentals  CIS 110 Introduction to Computer Security
 IT 240 Advanced Linux Administration & Configuration  CIS 106 Open Source Operating Systems
 IT 243 Windows Server Network Infrastructure  CIS 205 Computer Operating Systems II
 1Students must also pass first Cisco Networking test.

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Everett Community College Whatcom Community College 
 IT 117 CCNA 1: Introduction to Networks  CIS 226 Cisco Networking I
 IT 122 CCNA 2: Routing & Switching  CIS 227 Cisco Networking II
 IT 161 Computer Hardware & Tech Support  CIS 206 Computer Support I
 IT 162 Computer Operation & Troubleshooting  CIS 105 Computer Operating Systems I
 IT 217 CCNA 3: Scaling Networks  CIS 228 Cisco Networking III
 IT 222 CCNA 4: Connecting Networks  CIS 229 Cisco Networking IV
 IT 224 Network Server Administration  CIS 205 Computer Operating Systems II
 IT 228 Information Security Fundamentals   CIS 110 Introduction to Security
 IT 240 Linux Systems Administration  CIS 106 Open Source Operating Systems
 IT 280 Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures  CIS 214 Network Security I

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