eLearning Training and Support 

Explore the world of online learning at Whatcom Community College! A variety of high-quality academic courses are available online to meet your needs. The eLearning pages connect you to resources and tools that will make your online learning experience a rewarding one.

Getting-started messages

Are you taking an online or hybrid class? Each quarter the Student Help Desk sends a series of getting-started email messages about using Canvas and other computing resources. If you didn't get the messages or didn't save them, click below to view them online.

#1:  You're registered in an online or hybrid class for winter quarter 2017.

Important dates; Logging into your class; Using a mobile device; Computer skills you'll need; Canvas student tour

#2:  Your winter quarter online or hybrid class gets underway soon!

Important dates; Logging into your class; How's your class going? Canvas student tour

#3:  Get off to a strong start in your winter quarter online or hybrid class.

Important dates; Logging into your class; How's your class going? Your student network account; Canvas student tour

#4:  Survive and thrive in your winter quarter online or hybrid class!

Logging into your class; How's your class going?; Anti-procrastination strategies; Remote access with VMware; Canvas student guide

#5: Be a standout in your winter quarter online or hybrid class!

Your reaction, please; How's your class going?; More information about resources; If you need to withdraw from your class

WCC eLearning inclement weather procedure

In the event of inclement weather, all online courses, including the online portion of hybrid courses, will be conducted as scheduled. Closures or delays announced for the Whatcom Community College campus will not apply to online instruction. However, a closure or delay may affect an on-campus proctored exam for an online course. In such a case, the instructor will notify the students of the revised exam time and location.

A student whose normal access to the internet is interrupted by inclement weather (for example, because of a power outage) is expected to make an effort to meet course deadlines by going to another location with internet access. However, individuals must make decisions to protect their own health and safety if conditions make it unsafe to travel. A student who cannot reach a location with internet access should contact the instructor as soon as possible. 

Have a question about eLearning or need more information?

Contact the Student Help Desk for technology questions; Entry & Advising for program, application and registration information; and the eLearning office for all other types of questions.