Whatcom Community College offers a variety of online, hybrid, and mediated learning courses providing the flexibility needed for balancing work, personal life, and school. 

Flexible learning formats are a great option for students living far from campus, for those interested in commuting less, and for individuals who want a flexible schedule. These courses meet the same high standards as WCC on-campus courses and have equivalent academic requirements. 

Online courses use a variety of technologies, materials, and methods to achieve the same learning outcomes as traditional courses. Courses are conducted solely through an online platform. Any on-campus or proctored test requirements will be stated up front in the course syllabus.

Hybrid courses are conducted partly through an online course platform and partly face-to-face. 

Mediated Learning labs allow students to progress at a self-accelerated pace with assistance from an instructor.


What can you earn completely online?

  • Associate in Arts and Sciences transfer degree
  • Associate in Liberal Studies non-transfer degree

What healthcare programs are hybrid?

What can you earn more than half online?

What can you learn at a flexible pace?

  • Business information systems courses
  • Accounting courses
  • Early childhood education courses
  • Office administration courses

.........and much, much more


Check the schedule for a list of specific courses offered through flexible options. 

From the Advanced search page choose All online, WAOL online, WCC online, or Hybrid from the Delivery drop down menu.



Ready to get started?

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  • Not sure if eLearning is right for you? Take this online learning readiness quiz.
  • For more information, contact one of our online advisers: Elizabeth Scroggs or Yusuke Okazaki (professional-technical programs) or Leslie Clark (all others) at advise@whatcom.ctc.edu.