The Global Citizen Association (GCA) aims to create a space for international and American students to interact, share their culture, and learn about our interconnected world; it is a way for our campus and community to join the global conversation. For a list of our upcoming events, please check our GCA Facebook page.

The mission of the GCA includes

  • Support campus internationalization efforts by utilizing international students as a community and campus resource.
  • Support international students in leadership development and professional growth.
  • Mitigate impact of increased international student growth.
  • Provide opportunities for staff/faculty/students (especially Americans) to get a better understanding of our interconnected world.

Officer Positions

Each academic year students are selected through an application process to serve as officers in the GCA. The officers are responsible for creating, marketing, and participating in the cultural events offered. Every spring recruiting for officer positions begins. If you are interested in an official GCA position, please contact Iris Anthony or to download the PDF application, click here. Applications for the 2015-16 academic year, due July 1st.