Find out how your company can benefit from cooperative education, internships and work study programs at Whatcom Community College. If you would like to submit a request for an intern, please fill out a job/description form and submit it to: 

  • Email to Jan Adams at Whatcom Community College: or you can request to be sent or e-mailed a form.
  • Or print a copy of the job description form and mail to: Whatcom Community College, 237 W. Kellogg Rd, Bellingham, WA 98226 or fax (360) 383-4000 (w/ Attn. Jan Adams) at the top.
  • Upon receipt of your job description, the college will post and screen for your Internship position with students. You will be contacted in the manner specified on your position description form.

For further information on employer and student responsibilities, click the printable Employer Info Sheet.

Whatcom Community College's Off-Campus Work Study Program provides excellent opportunities for students to work and learn, enriching their educational experience, while providing valuable work experience to help them prepare for a future career. This program not only benefits the student, but you, the employer, by giving you a low cost option to train potential employees. We will reimburse you a minimum of 50% of the wages you pay to the student through Whatcom Community College's Federal Work Study funds. Our reimbursement rates are 75% for non-profit businesses and 50% for for-profit businesses. We hope you will be interested in participating in this excellent program for the 2014-2015 school year.

For further info - please see the links below:
Work Study Information Letter
Work Study Contract
Important Work Study Dates 2014-2015
Job Description Form