Whatcom Community College offers a variety of online course options that give students access to high quality academics while also meeting the needs of distant learners. Visit the eLearning page for more information related to online learning, training and support.


Online classes

Here are a few things students often ask about:

  • Online classes are not self-paced. You will need to participate at least several times a week. However, you can participate in the class at your convenience and on your own schedule.
  • For the best chance of success in an online course, you should be able to read and write at the college level.  Click here for more information about placement testing in reading and English.
  • Some online courses are offered through a statewide consortium of community and technical colleges (Washington Online, or WAOL).  Those courses (look for section code ONL) have quarterly dates and deadlines (enrollment period, start date, refund deadlines and end dates) that are different than those for Whatcom classes. For specific dates and deadlines each quarter, check the Registration Calendar.
  • Online courses are listed with other College offerings and can be found on Advanced Class Schedule Search or the eLearning Course Options page. Online courses with Whatcom instructors have a section code of OL followed by a number (OL1, for example). Online courses offered through WAOL have a section code of ONL. ONL courses have instructors from around the state. Online registration is possible for eligible students. Visit MyWCC for quarterly class schedules, registration and other online student services. Register for your online course just as you would for any other WCC class.
  • Instead of tuition, Whatcom charges a flat fee per credit for online courses. The credits for online courses are not counted toward the credit payment ranges in the Tuition & Fees chart, so if you are taking more than 10 credits and some of them are in online courses, your total costs for the quarter will probably be higher.