Whatcom Community College's Programming and Diversity Board (PDB) is the activities board for the College. The PDB is responsible for planning many of the campus' events and activities including club fairs, students conferences, movie nights, dances, intercultural events and much, much more.

Mission: The mission of the Whatcom Community College's Programming & Diversity Board is to develop board member's individual leadership skills, while providing intentional opportunities for all students to enrich their college experience by engaging with campus and the surrounding community; in order to enhance their social, cultural, and educational development.

Current ASWCC Programming and Diversity Board Members


Sharul Kamil
ASWCC Vice President for Programming

Kamil (he, him, his) is in his second year at WCC and is planning to major in electrical and electronic engineering after graduating from WCC. He has a deep interest in physics, mathematics, and to no surprise-- engineering. In his free time, he prefers to watch movies or play badminton.


Joy Verna Kumala
ASWCC Director for Academic Success Programming

Joy (she, her, hers) is an international student from Indonesia. She is currently pursuing an associate's degree in arts and sciences and plans to graduate in Spring 2019. She wants to major in business and plans to transfer to a university outside of US. She loves to read books, watch movies, and be involved in the college community.


Cole Simpson
ASWCC Director for Social Justice Programming

Cole (he, him, his) is planning to major in psychology after graduating from WCC. He is excited to speak at events and plan social justice workshops to provide a voice for LGBTQ students. He hopes to bring more awareness about LGBTQ issues and how all minorities have the strongest voices together. Cole would also like to see more visibility and collaboration between students and staff of all races, genders, sexualities, ethnic groups, and cultural backgrounds.  


Alejandra Hobi
ASWCC Director for Club Events

Alejandra (she, her, hers) is pursuing an Associate's Degree in Visual Communications starting next fall. Alejandra enjoys graphic design, writing and marketing. When she is not working, Alejandra likes spending time with her two little daughters, creating crochet hats, playing dancing videogames or designing fliers and posters for her daughter's school.


Muhammad Adib Thaqif Taufek
ASWCC Director for Campus Collaborative Programming

Adib (he, him, his) plans to major in computer engineering once he graduates from WCC. Adib is an international student from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and seeks to embrace the leadership opportunities here on campus, using his strengths of working well with diverse groups of people and being confident in public speaking. He is deeply passionate about the relationship between psychology and computers, and in his free time he loves to play soccer and video games.


Keenan Kaemingk
ASWCC Director for Health and Wellness Programming

Keenan (he, him, his) plans to pursue a degree in political science upon graduating from WCC, and will likely transfer to WWU or UW. In his free time, Keenan enjoys running and hiking nearby trails.