Whatcom Community College's Programming & Diversity Board (PDB) is the activities board for the College. The PDB is responsible for planning many of the campus' events and activities including club fairs, students conferences, movie nights, dances, intercultural events and much, much more.

The Programming & Diversity Board is part of the Sigma Lambda honor society, which is designed for student programmers that excel in scholarship and leadership within the student activities field. Sponsored by the APCA, it is an opportunity to gain recognition for outstanding contributions to your institution via leadership, service, and academic achievements. 

Mission: The mission of the Whatcom Community College's Programming & Diversity Board is to develop board member's individual leadership skills, while providing intentional opportunities for all students to enrich their college experience by engaging with campus and the surrounding community; in order to enhance their social, cultural, and educational development.


Programming and Diversity Board Bios

Ella Matthews
Ella is from Bellingham, Washington. She is pursuing an AAS + high school diploma , as a running start student at WCC. She plans to graduate in Spring 2017, after which she will either transfer to a four year college, such as the University of Washington, or enter as a freshman and do three years there. She plans to get a degree in either neuroscience, bioengineering, or a science related field.

Elisa Bong
Elisa is from Jakarta, Indonesia. She is majoring in Actuarial Science and is planning to graduate in Spring 2017 with both a high school diploma and an associates degree. After graduating from WCC, she plans to attend Columbia University to complete a degree and become a successful Actuarist.

Kendra Richardson
Kendra is from Sequim, Washington. She is currently working towards earning her Associate in Arts Degree and anticipates graduating in either spring or fall of 2017. She intends to major in elementary education, specializing in either English or history. After WCC she plans to transfer to a four year university and pursue a career as an elementary school teacher.

Lovira Putri

Lovira Putri, is from Jakarta, Indonesia. He plans to graduating in 2017) He is working on an Associate Degree from WCC and plans to transfer to the University of Washington or UBC, majoring in informatics or Political Science

Michael Kartolo
Michael Kartolo from Jakarta, Indonesia. He is planning to major in Chemical Engineering. At WCC, he is pursuing an Associate in Science Transfer Degree. He plans to transfer Spring 2017, after which he plans to transfer to a four year University

Tu Ho
Tu Ho is from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. He is planning to major in Chemical Engineering to help create technology that makes a safer and more sustainable future for the world and for the Central part of Vietnam. Tu Ho was inspired to study Chemical Engineering after seeing others suffer from human caused environmental issues.

Zura Mohd Jais
Zura is from Johor, Malaysia. She is pursuing an Associates in Science Transfer degree, and plans to major in Biomedical Engineering.