Whatcom Community College's Programming and Diversity Board (PDB) is the activities board for the College. The PDB is responsible for planning many of the campus' events and activities including club fairs, students conferences, movie nights, dances, intercultural events and much, much more.

Mission: The mission of the Whatcom Community College's Programming & Diversity Board is to develop board member's individual leadership skills, while providing intentional opportunities for all students to enrich their college experience by engaging with campus and the surrounding community; in order to enhance their social, cultural, and educational development.

Current ASWCC Programming and Diversity Board Members


Vanessa Pescasio
ASWCC Vice President for Social and Educational Programming
Anh Nguyen
ASWCC Director of Health and Wellness Programming
Kevin M. Marciadi
ASWCC Director of Campus Collaborative Programming
Altynay Bekbossyn
ASWCC Director of Academic Success Programming
Sydney K. Terrasi
ASWCC Whatcom Wednesday Coordinator

ASWCC Programming and Diversity Board Bios

Vanessa Pescasio
Vanessa was born in the Philippines but grew up in the Metro-Detroit area of Michigan. She plans to graduate from WCC in the spring of 2019 with an AA, then apply to the University of Washington and the University of California Los Angeles. At University, she will pursue a Bachelor's Degree then apply to a medical school.  

Anh Nguyen
Amelia is from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Her major is International Relations/Political Science with an interest in the connection and affairs between countries and their people. She will be graduating in Spring 2018, finishing with her High school diploma as well as the AAS degree.  Her plan is to transfer to University of Washington.

Kevin M. Marciadi
Kevin is an international student who comes to WCC from Jakarta, Indonesia. He is now pursuing in Industrial Engineering and expecting to graduate in Spring 2018. He is currently focusing on his high school diploma as well as a degree in Associate in Science. He plans to transfer to either Purdue University or Georgia Institute of Technology to obtain his bachelor degree. He is genuinely interested in Math and sports, especially basketball and soccer. 

Altynay Bekbossyn
Amy is an international student from Kazakhstan.  She is enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program at WCC.

Sydney K. Terrasi
Sydney is in her second year of studying cybersecurity here at Whatcom. Sydney also a bird enthusiast and owns a pet parrot name Ruby. Sydney looks forward to contributing to the community at WCC.