The ASWCC Ambassadors' goal is to make an amazing first impression to prospective students, help new students acclimate to campus, promote the College and campus events to current students, and provide a student perspective to the community.

Current Ambassador Bios


Alex Vega
ASWCC Ambassador
Office of Student Life and Development

Alex (he, him, his) is pursuing his Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity. Alex likes to fix and build computers just for fun, and also likes to play baseball and tell jokes with friends.


Alexander Enrico
ASWCC Ambassador
Office of Student Life and Development

Enrico (he, him, his) is an international student from Jakarta, Indonesia. Upon graduation from WCC, he is planning to transfer into university, seeking Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering. While he is not working or studying, he loves to hang out with his friends, ride bicycle, and play basketball.


Anureet K. Dhaliwal
ASWCC Ambassador
Office of Student Life and Development

Anureet (she, her, hers) is a Running Start student from Meridian High School working on her transfer degree. After graduating from WCC, she plans on majoring in Biology or Biomedicine. Anureet hopes to attain more knowledge, grow as a person, and to gain confidence and leadership skills as an ASWCC Ambassador. She is thrilled to engage new students to make them feel welcome and meet new people. 


Heather Bergeson
ASWCC Ambassador
Office of Student Life and Development

Heather (she, her, hers) is working to obtain her transfer degree, and intends to major in English with a Communications minor. She is passionate about people, and conveys that fervor by staying informed on current issues. Outside of school Heather enjoys hiking, yoga, classic rock, trying new things and watching more comedies than necessary. Don't be afraid to say hello!


What duties are performed by the ASWCC Ambassadors? 

ASWCC Ambassadors build connections within Whatcom Community College, as well as the greater community and partners. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinate daily operations in the Office of Student Life and Development
  • Serve as Whatcom Wave (new student orientation) pod leaders
  • Assist with the promotion of Student Life and Development activities and events
  • Provide individual and group campus tours upon request
  • Participate in WCC Outreach efforts to help increase attendance and student retention
  • Represent the WCC student perspective at WCC Foundation events
  • Participate in regular leadership trainings

What are the benefits of becoming an ASWCC Ambassador?

  • Develop valuable leadership and communication skills by attending workshops and conferences
  • Enhance your transfer application or personal resume
  • Make meaningful connections with prospective and new students by sharing your experience and knowledge of WCC
  • Be a part of a dynamic team of student leaders by collaborating with the ASWCC Executive Board and Programming and Diversity Board
  • Earn a paycheck
  • Meet some new great friends!