Whatcom Community College's student ambassadors are the face of the College, and make an amazing first impression to prospective students, help new students acclimate, promote the College and campus events to current students, and provide a student perspective to the community.

Mission: Our mission is to provide Whatcom Community College with student leaders who excel at engaging current students, provide a professional and lasting first impression to prospective students, and represent the WCC student perspective to the College community. 


What are the benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador?

  • Develop valuable leadership and communication skills by attending workshops and conferences
  • Enhance your transfer application or personal resume
  • Make meaningful connections with prospective and new students by sharing your experience and knowledge of WCC
  • Be a part of a dynamic team of student leaders by collaborating with the ASWCC and the Programming & Diversity Board
  • Earn a paycheck
  • Meet some new great friends!


What duties are performed by the Student Ambassadors? 

Student ambassadors build connections within Whatcom Community College, as well as the greater community and partners. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinate daily operations in the Office of Student Life and Development
  • Serve as Whatcom Wave (new student orientation) student leaders
  • Assist with the promotion of Student Life and Development and Athletics activities and events
  • Provide individual and group campus tours upon request
  • Participate in WCC Outreach efforts to help increase attendance and student retention
  • Represent the WCC student perspective at WCC Foundation events
  • Volunteer with the Junior Achievement Program
  • Participate in regular leadership training 


How can you apply to be a Student Ambassador and make a difference at WCC?

Visit the Office of Student Life and Development in Syre Student Center 208 to fill out an application in March. Six-10 ambassadors are selected annually, and their term runs from August through June.

Questions? Contact the Office of Student Life and Development at 360.383.3007.


Current Ambassador Bios

Alen Alhamdaputra
Alen is from Jakarta, Indonesia. He is intending to major in Communications. After WCC he plans to transfer to a four year university and pursue a bachelors degree. 

Beatrice Mears
Beatrice doesn't have a hometown, she lived a very nomadic life growing up, moving every year, living all over the US and abroad. She is working towards an Associates degree at Whatcom Community College. She plans to graduate in the Spring of 2017, and plans on double majoring in teaching and philosophy at a four-year university.

Da Eun Kim

Da Eun Kim was born in South Korea, but is from Canada. She is planning to finish a transfer degree at WCC and major in communications and a minor in Spanish. After WCC she is planning to transfer to  the University of Washington and would like to study abroad for her minor in Spanish, then later come back to UW to finish her communication major.

Dhika Pradhono
Dhika is from Jakarta, Indonesia. He is planning to major in Business Marketing. He plans to graduate in December 2017, after which he will transfer to a four-year university in the U.S.
Dinie Ezahar

Dinie was born in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malasysia. She is pursuing a degree in Biotechnology. After attending WCC she will be applying for Michigan University, Pennsylvania State, Wisconsin, Madison, and will pursue a bachelors degree. After an internship in the USA she plans to pursue a Master's degree. 

Farrel Komara
Farrel is from Indonesia. He is planning to major in communication and art. He's currently completing the high school completion program at WCC. He plans to graduate in Spring 2017.  After WCC he plans to transfer to a university and pursue a  Bachelors degree

Kathleen Pescasio
Kathleen Pescasio was born in the Philippines and grew up in Livonia, Michigan. She is currently majoring in Biology at WCC. After WCC, she plans to transfer to a university in Seattle where she will finish a Bachelor's Degree, and then apply to medical school.