Attention: The ASWCC Bylaws are being amended. Please use the link to the right to review the proposed changes.

Students may appeal the proposed changes to the Bylaws by submitting a petition to the ASWCC Executive Board with fifty (50) signatures of registered students to SSC 208 by 5PM on January 19, 2018. For more information on appealing, refer to Article XIII, Section 3 of the Bylaws, or contact

The Associated Students of Whatcom Community College (ASWCC) aims to enhance every student's experience at Whatcom Community College by providing students a means to be represented in College decision making.

ASWCC Mission statement: To serve students by providing diverse opportunities for campus involvement, to build campus community and represent student concerns in college decision-making.

ASWCC Vision statement: ASWCC aims to achieve a dynamic campus environment in which all students are represented and have an opportunity to participate.

Current ASWCC Executive Board Members

Lauren Besthoff

Ian Ferrer
Executive Vice President

Enoch Bergeron
Vice President for Clubs

Claudia Johan
Vice President for Operations

Sandra Ramirez
Vice President for Campus Advocacy

Eden Hottman-Nance
Vice President for Social and Educational Programming


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