Orca student ID cards have an embedded microchip that allows access to the following services, which are included in the fees students pay each quarter:

Getting an Orca Card is easy! 24 to 48 hours after you have registered for classes, stop by Syre Student Center room 208. Make sure to bring photo ID, such as a driver's license, passport, or high school ID card. We will take your picture, and your Orca Card will be printed within 5 minutes. Your first Orca Card is free! However, there is a $15 replacement fee if the Orca Card is misplaced.

Unlimited WTA bus service

As of winter quarter 2017, Orca Cards include unlimited, pre-paid access to local bus service for currently enrolled WCC students as a result of the student-initiated, student-approved fee of $20 per quarter. Students overwhelmingly supported this initiative, saving Whatcom students 50% on comparable bus passes each quarter.


  • What damages an Orca Card?
  • Where can I see my transactions and balance?
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  • Are there limits to the Orca Card?
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  • Do employees get an Orca card?
  • What do I agree to when I use my Orca Card?
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  • If I am only taking online classes, do I need an Orca card?
  • What if my card is lost, stolen or damaged?
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  • Is personal information stored on my Orca Card?
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