The Associated Students of Whatcom Community College (ASWCC) aims to enhance every student's experience at Whatcom Community College by providing students a means to be represented in College decision making.

ASWCC Mission statement: To serve students by providing diverse opportunities for campus involvement, to build campus community and represent student concerns in college decision-making.

ASWCC Vision statement: ASWCC aims to achieve a dynamic campus environment in which all students are represented and have an opportunity to participate.

Current ASWCC Executive Board Members


Mason Green
ASWCC President

Mason (he, him, his) plans to study chemical and environmental engineering at the University of Washington or the Air Force Academy after graduating from WCC. During his term as ASWCC President, Mason plans on creating an environment where students are engaged with legislative affairs, and he hopes to increase voter participation on campus. Mason's passions include long distance running, video games, and creative writing.


Rayo Suseno
ASWCC Executive Vice President

Rayo (he, him, his) is an international student from Indonesia. He plans to study biomedical engineering after graduating from WCC. His vision to serve others and further development himself motivated him to become a part of the ASWCC Executive Board.


Surabhi Subedi
ASWCC Vice President for Clubs

Surabhi (she, her, hers) is an international student from Nepal. She is a first-year student at WCC who plans to transfer to a 4-year college to pursue a degree in communications. Her goal is to promote student engagement through clubs. She likes meeting new people and share stories. Her interests include reading thrillers, cooking, and hiking. 


Julie Connell
ASWCC Vice President for Campus Advocacy

Julie (she, her, hers) is a non-traditional student at WCC pursuing a transfer degree in science. Julie is passionate about creating sustainable social justice movements through food sovereignty. Julie has two daughters, Rachel and Megan, along with one granddaughter, Emma.  Julie spends every minute she can with family and friends, playing music, cooking good food, creating recycled art, and laughing. Julie's goal this year is to inspire students at Whatcom to better understand advocacy, for themselves and their community.


Kevin Wirawan
ASWCC Vice President for Operations

Kevin (he, him, his) is an international student from Indonesia. He plans to study chemical engineering after graduating from WCC. Having the desire to be more socially active and to contribute for the community is what inspired him to become a part of the ASWCC Executive Board. He believes providing opportunities for student to engage on campus activities is one way to bring impact to the community.


Shahrul Kamil
ASWCC Vice President for Programming

Kamil (he, him, his) is in his second year at WCC and is planning to major in electrical and electronic engineering after graduating from WCC. He has a deep interest in physics, mathematics, and to no surprise-- engineering. In his free time, he prefers to watch movies or play badminton.