The ASWCC Senate is an opportunity for students to use their voice to make decisions about funding, programming, events, and opportunities on campus. ASWCC Senate meetings are open the public and all students are welcomed—and encouraged—to attend!

If you would like to get on the agenda for an ASWCC Senate meeting, or have questions about Senate, please contact the ASWCC Executive Vice President.

See below or check the WCC calendar to see when the next ASWCC Senate meeting is scheduled.

ASWCC Senators - Winter 2019

Mario Alem
Mario Alem (he, him, his) is a first-year Running Start student from Squalicum High School. He is passionate about Political Science and Mathematics and hopes to voice any concerns of his fellow peers as an ASWCC Senator. When not in school, Mario enjoys playing sports, working out, reading and volunteering.

Carl Capili
Carl Capili (he, him, his) is a second-year student at Whatcom studying chemistry for his Associates of Arts & Sciences degree. He cares deeply about the community at Whatcom and is eager to represent student input in the ASWCC Senate. Aside from studying, Carl enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, and studying both history and foreign languages.

Patrick Duong
Patrick Duong (he, him, his) is an international student at WCC. He is pursuing Computer and Electrical Engineering. In his freetime, he usually plays sports and video games with his friends. He always wants to be a part at the dynamic environment at WCC.

Jaiden Hull
Jaiden Hull (she, her, hers) is a first-year student at Whatcom and a full time Running Start student from Meridian High School. She's in the process of obtaining her DTA and hopes to graduate high school with it. In her free time, Jaiden enjoys watching and participating in the performing arts, advocating for social justice, and spending time with friends.

Hiroshi Miki
Hiroshi Miki (he, him, his) is an international student from Japan. He is pursuing his Associate's degrees and plans to transfer to University of Washington to study business. In his free time, he likes to break dance and interact with friends.

Giselle Salazar
Giselle Salazar (she, her, hers) is a junior from Bellingham High School who is in the Running Start program. She is at Whatcom to get a Direct Transfer Associate Degree and plans to eventually go to dental school. She became a Senator to grow as a person while also listening to the needs of students to make Whatcom a better place.

Elliot Saldivar
Elliot Saldivar is a Running Start student in his second quarter at Whatcom Community College. He is grateful to represent the student voice to the college, and has been on ASB at his high school in the past. He also is the chair of the ASWCC Legislative Committee which advocates for civic engagement among the student body. His interests include music, filmmaking, and having fun with friends.

Kenji Sherpa
Kenji Sherpa (she, her, hers) is a very sincere and self motivated Running Start student. She has been part of various extracurricular activities and has gained recognition for academic excellence. She has a great passion and interest in medicine and hopes to become a future pillar of the healthcare field. 

Mehar Singh
Mehar Singh (she, her, hers) is a first year Running Start student. She is passionate about social justice, activism, writing, and music. She plans to study law and music composition once she graduates high school. Outside of school, Mehar works as a barista at Starbucks.

Carolyn Stewart
Carolyn Stewart (she, her, hers) is in her second year at Whatcom and is studying political science. She is passionate about increasing civic engagement and about social justice. As an ASWCC Senator, Carolyn hopes to help increase civic engagement on campus and to advocate for WCC students. Outside of school, Carolyn loves hiking and tries to wander around the great outdoors as much as possible.

Dani Tamir
Dani Tamir (he, him, his) is a second-year Whatcom student and ASWCC Senator who is studying a variety of topics. He is pursuing an Associates in Arts and Sciences (AA) degree. He is originally from BC, Canada, but has lived in Bellingham for the last 9 years. His favorite topics are politics and geography. As an ASWCC Senator, he hopes to address concerns that students have. He notifies his constituents by sending them weekly emails about what events are happening at Whatcom. When not studying, he enjoys talking to friends and acquaintances, attending school events, and doing taekwondo.

Christopher Wiraputra
Christopher Wiraputra (he, him, his) is a second year student at Whatcom pursuing an Associate's of Science Transfer degree with the major of chemical engineering. He is passionate about music, as he likes to spend time playing the piano in the free time. He hopes to be able to make more contributions to students in campus.


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