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Pavilion & Student Recreation Center


Students, faculty and staff must complete an online waiver in order to access the facility's amenities. First, sign in to your account using your WCC network credentials here. Under Register, select WCC PAV/SRC Waiver, then click on Add to Cart, then Accept Now & Register. Finally, click on Checkout, then Continue to complete the process. There is no fee to complete the waiver. View step-by-step instructions here.

Whatcom Community College's Pavilion & Student Recreation Center is open to students, faculty and staff. This has been a very exciting student-led project, culminating after several years of planning, design and construction. The facility includes more than 24,000 square feet of new construction and 6,700 square feet of renovated space.

Amenities include:

  • New fitness and strength training equipment, including cardio machines (with live TV and video capabilities), free weights, and more
  • Indoor running track
  • Balcony-level fitness and stretching areas
  • Updated gym for basketball and volleyball
  • Two studio spaces equipped with specialized flooring (e.g. wood-sprung floor in second level studio)
  • Towel service and upgraded locker room facilities
  • Food and beverage services, available to members and non-members (closed for the summer, will reopen fall quarter)
  • And more!
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Meet the SRC support staff


Alain Murhula, from Boise, Idaho originally from Democratic Republic of the Congo. Moved to Bellingham on June 28, 2016, started working in SRC in fall 2016. Alain is majoring in civil engineering, and playing soccer at Whatcom. Plans to attend a university after Whatcom, but not sure where yet.

Ashley Lloyd

Ashley Lloyd, originally from Vancouver, BC, has lived in Bellingham since 1998. She graduated from Sehome High School in 2016 where she was an active Running Start student at Whatcom. She is currently pursing a transfer degree at Whatcom and plans to attend the University of Washington in fall 2017 to pursue a nursing degree. Ashley enjoys travelling, biking and cooking.

Coby Carlos

Coby Carlos is from Bothell and moved to Bellingham in the fall of 2015. He started working at the Student Recreation Center in the winter of 2016. Coby is a communications major and plans to be attending the University of Washington after his time at Whatcom.

Derek Kuhn

Derek Kuhn is from Bothell and moved to Bellingham fall of 2015 and began working at the PAV. Derek is majoring in kinesiology with a minor in communications. He is also on the WCC soccer team.

Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan Rodriguez was born on May 4th, 1997 in Chelan. He moved to Bellingham in September of 2015 to attend Whatcom Community College. His main hobbies are basketball, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. Ivan is pursuing an AA degree, then plans on traveling with the Peace Corps. When he returns, he plans on studying automotive mechanics, or working for the DEA or something similar.

Katie Lukyanchina

Katie Lukyanchina was born in Russia, she moved to Washington in 2001 and grew up in Maple Falls. In the fall of 2014 Katie started as a Running Start student at Whatcom Community College. She is entering the Physical Therapy Assistant program in the fall of 2016. Katie is a photographer aside from her studies at college.

Leah Rostov

Leah Rostov is from Whidbey Island and recently moved to Bellingham to begin her freshman year at Whatcom. She is a member of the women's soccer team here at Whatcom. After her time at Whatcom, Leah plans on transferring to WWU to further her education.

Nick Martinez

Nick Martinez has grown up in Bellingham his whole life. Nick graduated from Sehome High School in 2013. He is attending Whatcom Community College for his certificate and associates in criminal justice. He enjoys the gym, football and baseball.

Quan Tran

Quan Tran is an international exchange student from South East Asia and moved to Bellingham in early winter 2016. Quan is a business major, art minor and currently working on his GED.

Sean Pollom

Sean Pollom is 21 and has been at Whatcom Community College as a student and an employee for just over 2 years. He is a criminal justice major and plans to work as a wildland firefighter after finishing at WCC.

Tanya Vetkov 

Tanya Vetkov was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up in Maple Falls. Fall of 2015, Tanya began at Whatcom Community College as a Running Start student and is continuing to get her transfer to Western Washington University in human services. She looks forward to contributing to the team here at Whatcom.