Getting Started with Starfish

The mission of Starfish is to provide an easy tool to connect students to all the resources that Whatcom Community College has to offer. It also aims to connect you directly with your faculty and advisors, so that there are clearer means of communication to help support you throughout your time at Whatcom.

Where can I access Starfish? That is easy! You can access Starfish by clicking the link below!

Log in to WCC Starfish

You can also simply access your unique Starfish dashboard through your MyWCC account! Simply login with your WCC username/password and you will find the login for Starfish under the “Advising” tab. You will need to use your WCC username/password for Starfish access.

Once you’ve logged on, you’ll see your dashboard! Your dashboard will include a snapshot of any appointments and meetings, as well as any steps that you may need to help you stay on track and meet your goals.

 Early Alert Support Program

Each quarter, instructors complete progress surveys to communicate to struggling students in an effort to connect them to resources and staff on campus. During each progress survey, instructors also have the opportunity to send Kudos messages to students who are doing well.

When instructors complete progress surveys and raise alerts for students, this sends a resource email to that student and raises a little flag in their Starfish profile that advisors can view. Students can also view the flags that have been raised for them in Starfish. Alert flags that instructors raise are usually related to attendance and low grades because poor attendance early on in the quarter or low scores signals to instructors and staff that students are at risk of falling behind and not grasping the content.

We understand that a variety of factors impact learning and ability to attend. Many students have competing responsibilities related to work, childcare, health, and more that sometimes impact grades. What’s most important is that you reach out for help when you need it, and keep looking for resources and stay connected to staff and faculty who are part of the network you’re building on campus to support your success in reaching your academic goals. 

Starfish is the tool we use to facilitate progress surveys and house these “early alerts.” Starfish allows faculty and staff to communicate more effectively in supporting students, enables students to view currently open flags as well as kudos, and allows support services staff to divide up outreach and response efforts to early and mid-quarter alerts so we reach as many struggling students as possible.

 What do I do if I've received an alert email?

  1. Review the email that you received related to your early or mid-quarter alert by logging in to your MyWCC and navigating to your student email account. It may have comments from your instructor that offer guidance. It also suggests other support staff, resources, and steps to take to get back on track.
  2. Answer the phone if you receive a call from an advisor or academic coach, which might show up as an unfamiliar number. We’re calling because we want to find how you’re doing now, if you’d like to meet to brainstorm next steps for success, and also inform you of other tasks, deadlines, and opportunities related to your success as a student that might be coming up for you soon.
  3. Meet with your instructor or an advisor or academic coach soon. We participate in Early Alert and Mid-Quarter Alert progress surveys because we want to make sure that we support you proactively as you work toward your academic goals at Whatcom Community College.