Getting Started with Starfish

The mission of Starfish is to provide an easy tool to connect students to all the resources that Whatcom Community College has to offer. It also aims to connect you directly with your faculty and advisors, so that there are clearer means of communication to help support you throughout your time at Whatcom.

Where can I access Starfish? That is easy! You can access Starfish by clicking the link below!

WCC Starfish

You can also simply access your unique Starfish dashboard through your MyWCC account! Simply login with your WCC username/password and you will find the login for Starfish under the “Advising” tab. You will need to use your WCC username/password for Starfish access.

Once you’ve logged on, you’ll see your dashboard! Your dashboard will include a snapshot of any appointments and meetings, as well as any steps that you may need to help you stay on track and meet your goals.

 What do you as the Student Need to Know?

  • Early Alert flags can only be viewed by you, your faculty who raised the flag and advisors that you are connected to at the College.

  • The main goal of Starfish is to help you stay as easily connected to your faculty, advisors and other resources at Whatcom Community College as possible.

  • The Early Alert flags are not punitive. They will not be included in any of your transcripts and again, are only viewable by those at the College who you are directly connected to.

Starfish is a holistic, student-success tool intended to improve the way we work across the institution to help as many students be successful at Whatcom Community College.

Starfish aims to provide more efficient ways to quickly coordinate support to all of our students and ensure that they are receiving the right support to keep them on track to reach their goals.

  • Starfish will help us to better understand who is at risk earlier and allow us to intervene efficiently.

  • Starfish will be a central hub of information making it easier for staff and faculty to serve students in real-time.

  • The Early Alert Program will be housed within Starfish, where faculty can raise flags around specific concerns but also send Kudos to students for positive reinforcement.

  • Starfish will be a great way to engage students in their progress and keep students more on track to meet their goals.