Running Start Graduate Reception Live Stream 

Click here to watch the 2018 Running Start Graduate Reception live.  Streaming will begin shortly before the event - June 5, 2018 at 5:30 pm 

What is Running Start?

Running Start is a statewide partnership between Whatcom Community College and local high schools and in Washington. The program allows high school juniors and seniors to attend WCC tuition free and have the credits count for both high school and college credit.  College credits are paid for by the school; saving families money as students begin their college careers.  The college credits completed in Running Start will transfer to most universities and save the student time, effort and money.   Students can select a schedule that works for them and allows them to easily coordinate classes, work, family, faith and other personal commitments.

  • Students may enroll simultaneously in high school and college classes, or solely at the college.
    • WCC offers day, evening, and online courses
  • Students receive both high school and college credit for classes completed at the college.
  • Students do not need the permission of the high school to enroll in the program, the student and parents make this choice.

Students can still participate in athletics, clubs and be involved in their high school as much as they choose.  Additionally, there is a vibrant college experience for them in Running Start; students can participate in clubs, events and activities at WCC - most at no additional cost to the student.


5 Steps to Enroll in Running Start

Step1. Attend an Information Session Attend an Admission Information Session

Students interested in Running Start are required to attend an Admission Information Session. Sessions are held on a regular basis.  No RSVP needed to attend and parking on campus is free.  See the Events box for details on an upcoming session. 

Step 2. Be Admitted to Running Start. Apply for Admission

Participation in Running Start requires that students be of high school junior or senior standing.  Math and English placement are not required for admission. Students are expected to be academically ready for college level coursework, typically indicated by a minimum high school GPA of 2.5.  To be admitted, students are required submit an Application Packet that includes the following materials they received at the Admission Information Session (Step 1):

  • Application
  • Parent Permission Form
  • Fee Waiver Petition (if applicable)

Submit your Application Packet by mail, by email, or in person to:

Running Start
LDC 134
237 West Kellogg Rd
Bellingham, WA 98226

Once an Application Packet has been processed, students will receive a confirmation email. 

Homeschool and Private School Students:

Home schooled and private school students are also eligible for Running Start and must enroll with their public high school to receive Running Start funding. The school district will determine the process for enrollment and grade level.

English Language Learners (ELL):

Students who have been enrolled in ELL or ESL classes in high school are also eligible for Running Start. Call the Running Start office at 360.383.3123 for information.

Step3 Meet with your High School Contact

Each quarter students will meet with their high school contact to ensure that they are on track for graduation.  Students will discuss remaining high school graduation requirements and touch base to make sure Running Start is working for them.  Both the high school and college have resources to help students know what classes satisfy their high school graduation requirements making it easy to plan for high school graduation!

Step 4. Register and Pay for WCC Classes Register and Pay for WCC Classes

Running Start provides tons of class options; you can take morning, day-time, afternoon, evening or online courses in nearly every subject imaginable.  To ensure that students are selecting classes that align with their goals, Running Start students will meet with a WCC Advisor every quarter!  The advisor will discuss transferring to a university, long term career goals and most importantly, high school graduation!

Running start is a great program and it's NOT free.  Click here to learn more about Program Costs



Step5 Attend College Orientation

WCC is committed to your success.  To help with the adjustment WCC requires that Running Start students attend orientation.  At orientation, students will learn how to be successful in the college environment, take a tour of campus and be connected with resources designed to help them be successful in Running Start.  Additionally, the Running Start Office is open year round to support students, answer questions and ensure that students are successful.