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Get and STAY connected to campus!

There are countless ways for Whatcom Community College students to actively participate in campus life and enhance your WCC experience. Whatcom's Office of Student Life and Development provides opportunities for students to get involved in student government, the Programming and Diversity Board, Student Ambassadors, student clubs, and so much more. There is something for everyone at Whatcom! Click here for more information about Student Life and Development.

The Intercultural Center supports educational equity and academic achievement for diverse student populations by providing access to resources and a safe place to connect through a culture of inclusion and respect. Our connections with each other are important! Many of us learn better when we study together. In the Intercultural Center, we consider community building to be an invaluable component of academic support as well as an important way to work toward social justice.  Click here for more information about the Intercultural Center.



Read your email

Once your admitted to Running Start, the College will begin sending you information to help you be successful.  It is essential to stay up to date on important information - please check and read your email.  You'll be sent information to your WCC student email account and the email address you provided when you applied.

  1. Log in or create an account in MyWCC.  Click here for MyWCC.
  2. Click on the email icon
  3. Your email username is located in My Account

Remember to check your personal email that you provided on your application as well!

Sign up for Text Messages

  1. Log in or create an account in MyWCC.  Click here for MyWCC.
  2. Once you're logged in, click on My Account
  3. Click on SMS Notifications
  4. Enter a cell phone number you'd like us to use
  5. Check "I Agree to the above terms and conditions."
  6. Submit


Running Start students are expected to obtain their own textbooks and course materials. Click here for tips on obtaining books.

Most students will purchase their books from the WCC Bookstore.  Click here for the WCC Bookstore.

Students who need some assistance with some or all of their books may be eligible to borrow some of their textbooks from the Running Start Book Loan Program.  Click here to download the application for the Running Start Book Loan


Academic Support

Whatcom is committed to your success as a student.  Tutors are available for any of your courses.  Click here to learn more about how to get help in your classes.

Use the helpful staff and resources in the library often.  Click here for information about the Library.


We recommend all students make an appointment to meet with a Running Start advisor to create an educational plan for the duration of their time in Running Start.  

Course Equivalency Guides

Running Start students use Course Equivalency Guides to determine which WCC courses will satisfy high school graduation requirements.  Students should work with their high school counselor to make sure they are on track for high school graduation.  Below are the WCC Course Equivalency Guides created by each Whatcom County School District.

Click here for a list of course equivalency guides.

Part time vs Full Time

As a Running Start student, you get to choose how many classes to take at the college and high school.  We recommend working with your high school counselor and an advisor at the college to discuss which schedule will be best for you.

Click here for guidance on building a part time Running Start schedule.


Transferring to a University

The courses your student takes in Running Start are designed to help them satisfy high school graduation requirements and help them towards their long-term academic and career goals.  Normally, credits transfer to universities without any challenges.  Please contact the college or university the student plans to attend for exact courses that students should take while in Running Start.  If a student is still exploring options for university and is planning on attending a Washington State public institution (University of Washington, Washington State University, Western Washington University...etc), the student can rest assured that the courses taken through Running Start will support their long-term goals.

SAT, ACT, both, neither?

If you are planning to attend a university in the Fall term following high school graduation, you should take the SAT, the ACT, or both during high school - preferably your junior year.  For specific information on which test you should take, please contact the desired university.  

For SAT testing information (dates, locations...etc), please click here.

For ACT testing information (dates, locations...etc), please click here.

If you plan to complete at least one term following high school graduation (excluding summer), you may be considered a transfer student and may NOT need to complete the SAT or ACT test. Please contact the university directly to find out their admission policy on testing.  It is safe to assume that taking the SAT or ACT while in high school is advisable to make sure you have the most options for what to do after high school graduation.

Finishing your Degree at WCC

Many students elect to finish their Associates in Arts and Sciences (DTA) after graduating from high school. Finishing a degree at WCC before transferring to a university, will set them up for a very successful college experience.  Make sure they are working closely with an Advisor to map out their degree and taking courses to prepare them for their future academic and career goals.