Math Center

Located in the Learning Center, the Math Center offers drop-in assistance and tutoring for all currently enrolled WCC students. The Math Center supports your learning in all WCC math/math-related courses.


Writing Center

The Writing Center supports your writing for WCC classes and for job and college applications. We will talk with you about your planning, writing, and revising of a writing project. We also offer grammar tutoring for students in ESLA classes, assistance with multimodal writing, personal statement workshops with Western admissions and Whatcom transfer offices, and much more.


One-on-One Tutoring

If we don't have staff tutors available in your subject, we will do our best to locate a one-on-one tutor or group tutoring session for you.


Online Tutoring

A variety of online tutoring options are available to support you.



Learning resources

Also, try for additional support in accounting, math, MS Office, statistics, and more.


How to be a tutor

If you communicate well, enjoy working with other students, received high marks in a given class, and are dependable, we invite you to apply for a tutoring position in our Learning Center. Three options are available: Math Center, Writing Center, and Learning Center. You will need a faculty recommendation for any subject in which you wish to qualify to tutor. We will provide ongoing training. Whatcom students who tutor receive pay for their time and some receive college credit. To work in the Writing Center, pick up an application and job description at the reception desk in the Learning Center, Cascade 113. To work in the Math Center, complete the Math Center Tutor Application. To tutor in any other discipline, complete the Application to Be A Tutor form, and return it to the Learning Center.

For more information about any of these opportunities call 360.383.3099 or email Jason Babcock at